Bingo Community at William Hill: We Make Online Bingo a Friendlier Game
Bingo is a friendly game, where interaction with fellow bingo enthusiasts is a big part of the enjoyment. In traditional land-based bingo, the social aspect of the game was a key ingredient in the overall experience. At William Hill Bingo, we do our best to emulate the atmosphere of a bingo-hall type game by inviting our bingo-loving players into our “Community.” This is where bingo players get to interact with each other and with our chat moderators for a chance to enjoy much more than the basics of bingo.

In the William Hill UK Bingo Community, players can enjoy online bingo exactly as they would in the old days. Add to that all the features, extras, and bonuses that William Hill brings to the table and you have the most entertaining and exciting games on the Internet. Community members speak to each other in Bingo Lingo, a fun way to talk to fellow fans while playing their favourite game. Others in the Community room – aka Roomies – can share information with you and see photos that you post, along with your status messages. Bingo is better when you play with friends, and our Community is the best venue in which to have an entertaining and pleasurable time.