• Chat Etiquette

    We ask that all players abide by the following guidelines so our chat rooms stay a friendly and pleasant place to communicate in:

    - The language for our public chat room is English. Please only converse in English in the public chat room. Use private chat rooms to converse in other languages.
    - Do not argue.
    - Any form of discrimination, i.e., racial, sexual or ethnic, will not be permitted.
    - Show respect for the Chat Moderator (CM).
    - Do not harass, insult, threaten or try to upset other players.
    - Do not assume a false identity or impersonate other players.
    - Do not use the chat room to voice complaints. Please direct any issues to our CMs and if necessary contact our Customer Services Team.
    - Do not use the chat rooms as a form of advertising or for the promotion of other websites/companies.
    - Do not use indecent or vulgar language.
    - Choose tasteful chat names.
    - Do not give out personal details.
    - We recommend you do not meet anyone you have become acquainted with through the chat function.
    - Be courteous and friendly to all newcomers, to your fellow players and to your CMs.
    - Please avoid the unnecessary use of CAPITAL LETTERS. This is considered shouting or being angry in the world of online chat.
    - Do not spam (flood the chat room with many copies of the same message).

    Our CMs have the authority to revoke your chat privileges if you persistently break our rules, or ignore our advice and warnings (see help on Chat Bans/Restrictions for more information).

    During free bingo we operate a zero tolerance policy, players who do not conform to the chat room etiquette will receive no advice or warnings before chat privileges are revoked.

    Remember - the nicer you are to people, the nicer they will be to you!

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