Welcome to Our House

Want to get to know other Roomies better? Then check out our new feature that lets you share information, set status messages and let other Roomies see your fave photos.

Bingo Profile

First things first

Log into the bingo system and go to your favourite room. Then click on My Profile to go to see your profile. It probably looks a bit empty, so lets fill it up!

Click on Edit My Profile and you will get the following box:

Edit Bingo Profile

From here you can tell us all about yourself.

Under Options you can chose whether anyone can look at your profile, or just your buddies. Don't post any information that will identify you off line (e.g. surname, address) . Also refrain from inflammatory comments as these will be removed.


You can place up to 6 of your favourite photos online to share with your friends. Uploading them is as easy as pie.

Simply click on Photos in your profile and the following will appear:

Upload Profile Photos

Then click on an empty space to be taken to the following screen:

Profile Picture Upload Guide

Click on browse to find your image, then click on the check box to confirm you agree to the terms and conditions for photo uploads. Then finally click on Upload.

Your image will then be verified within 48 hours and appear on your profile.

Profile Picture

You can of course set yourself a profile picture. Click on Change My Profile Pic and you can then choose from a selection of our Avatars, or if you prefer you can use one of your photos which will appear in the list once approved.

Social Networking at William Hill Bingo

You can share information about your favourite games with William Hill’s own social networking forums. Set up your own profile with a cute profile picture and set up different statuses depending on how you feel with this fantastic social media interface. It’s really easy to do and allows you to share information with your best William Hill Bingo online buddies.

Getting started with William Hill’s social networking community is really easy, as is updating the system with new pictures and statuses. You have loads of room to write about yourself and to upload a bunch of pictures. You can also choose whether you want everyone in the network to be able to see your profile or just your friends. There’s nothing like increasing your community involvement and great fun at William Hill by staying in touch with a social network of likeminded bingo fans.  Bingo’s fantastic and so is the social aspect of it. There’s loads of fun to be had with William Hill social networking so don’t hang around, dive right in!