New Lobby Overview

Lobby: Select to view 90 Ball Bingo Rooms, 80 & 75 Ball Bingo Rooms, Special Bingo Rooms and Slot & Scratch Games.

All Bingo Rooms will appear in the Lobby in order of the next starting game, rooms that are currently closed will display as grayed out at the bottom of the Lobby.
Each room will show the next available game and will also display the game name, ticket price, prize funds, the number of players and a countdown to the start of the Game.
By tapping on the Room/Game image it will open the room and the ticket purchaser for the next Game.

Choose from a range of slot and scratch games to play in full screen mode.


Schedule: Here you will be able to view all the upcoming games in each room and purchase tickets for games in advance.
You can search for your favourite Bingo Games using the Room, Day of the Week and Time Frame filters.

Deposit: Quickly top up your Bingo Account at any time.

Balance Display: View or Hide your Balance. This shows your Cash Balance, Bingo Bonus Balance and Other Bonus Balance. The “Other” balance will be a sum of all other non-bingo bonus and can be seen in more detail in the “My Account“ section in the Menu.

Home: Returns you to the Bingo Home Page. 

Account Menu

Chat Name: Edit your chat name by clicking on your current chat name. This can be amended a max of 2 times every 12 months.

My Account: View your Chat Name, Cash Balance, and any Bonus funds broken down by Bonus Type. You can also Deposit and Withdraw from here. Bonus Balances will include bonus funds and pending funds.
Bingo Club: View your current Loyalty Level, total available Loyalty Points and Loyalty level information. You can also redeem loyalty points to Bingo Bonus or All Games Bonus here.
Enter Bonus Code: Enter your Bonus Code here to opt into promotions or redeem bonus funds.  

Bet History

  • Bet History Tab: View your Game results. Search using the Game ID (if known) or filter using the Game, date and time filters.
  • My Promotions Tab: View promotion status and details.
  • My Bonus Funds: View all received bonuses and their status (Pending Accept, Active, Spent, Retrieved) and click on the info button for more information on wagering completion.
  • Bingo Club: View your current Loyalty Level, Loyalty points earned for the month and redeemable Loyalty Balance. You can also check your Loyalty Points Statement for retrieved Loyalty Points and Level upgrade/downgrade.
  • Bingo Shop: View your current Loyalty Level, Loyalty points earned for the month and redeemable Loyalty Balance. Redeem Loyalty Points into Bonus funds.
  • Promotions: Check current Promotions along with promotion terms and conditions.
  • Terms and Conditions: View William Hill’s General Terms and Conditions. Search through FAQ’s and Help information.    

Responsible Gambling: View our responsible gambling information page

Help: View all the Help information for William Hill Bingo.

Volume: You can adjust the sound for bingo and mini games.

Advance Settings: Adjust Chat font size, Ticket style and size and also your dabber colour.




Bingo Room

Multiple Rooms: Have up to 3 Bingo Rooms open at a time and easily switch between them.

Mini Games: Play your favourite games within the Bingo Room. If that’s not enough, you can undock selected games and play up to 3 mini games at the same time.

Ticket Purchaser: Select tickets by either using the slider, plus or minus buttons, the quick buy options or by clicking on your chosen tickets.

Using the Side Bar Menu you can navigate between the following options:

Chat: Switch between the Chats of you active Rooms or why not start your own Private Chat with your online Buddies.

Roomies: See who’s in the Room with you and why not invite them to be your Buddy or part of your Buddy Bingo Team.

Buddies: Keep track of your Buddies and pending requests.

Syndicates: Create, view and update your Buddy Bingo Teams.

Inbox: Send and receive inbox messages from your Buddies and Receive notifications.

Profile: Update and maintain your Profile, let your Roomies know a bit bout you.