William Hill Bingo partner snaps up bingo software specialist


The name Playtech might not mean a lot to you when you are playing – and hopefully winning – on your favourite online bingo and casino games at William Hill Bingo. But, they play a big part in your online bingo experience. These are the guys who design the software for many of our games and, just like us, they are always looking at ways to improve your bingo experience online.

It is therefore exciting to hear the news that Playtech have recently acquired bingo software specialists Eyecon.

William Hill Bingo Online upgrades site – better bingo experience.


William Hill Bingo switches to a new format and layout

You may have noticed that we have made a few changes to the William Hill Bingo site recently, notably that the site has been upgraded to the latest HTML5 format. In layman’s terms, this means the site will be a lot slicker, sleeker and easy to use. Using HTML5 means that is easier for the site to host videos, audio and games software, which should enhance your experience when you play bingo online with us.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize with Bingo & Enjoy the Health Benefits


Bingo, the game we love to play online at William Hill Bingo, is known to stimulate the memory centre in the brain, thereby enhancing your recall and your cognitive abilities. What could be better than boosting your brain power while enjoying one of your favourite pastimes? 

Games that stimulate the mind are a dime a dozen; they include chess, Sudoku and scores of strategy games. But one game has emerged a clear favourite among players owing to its widespread appeal, social nature and the fact that it evokes the senses on every level – bingo.

Bingo Surprises with £1Million Slots Prize Draw!


William Hill Bingo is blossoming this season with an exciting selection of bingo promos during spring.

Starting on Sunday the 20th May and running through to Thursday 16th June 2016, we are offering a generous, fun, and exciting promotion, £1 Million Slots Prize Draw! With eight draws in total and over 60,000 bingo players will be in the money, sharing a £1,000,000 prize!

Zoom. Zoom. William Hill Bingo opens new Speed Bingo Room.


The next time you’re here at William Hill Bingo, you may notice a brand-new room – the Zoom Room. The games on offer are 90-Ball Bingo games, which play out much faster than normal online bingo games. This makes them ideal for anyone playing online bingo on mobile of tablet. The Zoom Room opened on 20th January and it is already proving to be very popular with all types of player.

Read About the Latest News on Bingo Online

Discover the latest news on bingo at William Hill. As one of the leading online bingo sites in the world, players visit William Hill to check out what’s happening in the online bingo industry. At William Hill, you can read through new relevant online bingo regulations that affect players everywhere. Whether the news involves the gambling commission or something else of interest to players, you’ll find it on the site.

Get All the Bingo News at William Hill

Not all the news involves national regulations, of course. There are features on items as interesting as the new partnership between the Bingo Association and Variety, a charity for children in need. This is where you can find information on how William Hill is working together with nearly 400 other bingo clubs to raise money for Variety. Stay tuned to the site for the latest bingo news – that way you’ll know how you can help the “Bingo Boost” provide a greater quality of life to needy individuals.

You can also check out more “local” news on our bingo news page. By local, we mean William Hill promotions available only in the bingo rooms. New bonus specials are appearing all the time, so keep up with the news.