Adventures in Wonderland

Adventures in Wonderland

Features: Bonus Features Jackpot

Scratch your way to a win with Adventures in Wonderland. Help Alice find treasure at the bottom of the rabbit hole for that jackpot win.

Adventures in Wonderland Scratch Card is a 9-panel scratch card. It features 7 different symbols and a progressive jackpot. Line up 3 symbols in any direction to win!

Getting started
* Use the arrow buttons next to the STAKE to raise and lower the cost of buying a scratch card.
* Press the BUY CARD button to purchase a scratch card for the price of your stake.

How to play
* Click on a panel to reveal the symbol underneath. In order to find out whether you have won or not, you must reveal the symbols under all 9 panels.
* Instead of clicking on the panels, you can click the REVEAL ALL button. This shows all 9 hidden symbols simultaneously.
* Wins are formed when 3 identical symbols are shown in a line, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally.
* Win totals are calculated by your stake multiplied by the relevant symbol value in the paytable on the left side of the screen.
* When you have revealed all 9 symbols and any winnings have been calculated, click BUY CARD for a new scratch card. If you wish to alter your stake, do so before clicking BUY CARD. Rabbit Hole Bonus / Progressive Jackpot
* Revealing 3 Alice symbols in a line will drop Alice down the Rabbit Hole.
* While falling, she can collect objects that increase your win multiplier.
* You can win up to 500 times your stake.* If Alice finds treasure at the bottom of the Rabbit Hole, you will win the progressive jackpot!
* A percentage of all bets placed is put towards the jackpot balance and into a reseed fund. When the jackpot is won, it is reset to the balance stored in the reseed fund.
* When the jackpot is won, all other players will be notified within 30 seconds by the flashing of the jackpot balance.
* Bets placed when the jackpot has been won and a reduced balance is available will be voided.
* Due to communication delays, two players may nevertheless appear to win the jackpot simultaneously. In this case, the first payout will be for the full jackpot value, whilst the second player will receive the reseed value. White Rabbit Bonus
* Revealing 3 White Rabbit symbols in a line will activate the White Rabbit bonus.
* The White Rabbit's watch hand will spin to reveal your prize multiplier.
* You can win up to 75 times your stake.

General Notes
* This game has a Return to Player of 96.95%.
* Max Payout: £10,000 
* System malfunction voids all pay and plays.