Mayan Mania

Features: Bonus Features Auto Play Jackpot Wild
Current Jackpot:£40,513.48

Visit the temples and meet the Mayan princess on this twenty-line progressive jackpot slot and you too could be on the winners list. One thing's for sure: with wild symbols and a bonus feature round, this new game is going to explode like a volcano!

Mayan Mania is a five-reel, twenty-line slot with a progressive jackpot.

mayan mania

This jackpot is initially funded at £10,000 and each day at around midnight it increases based on stakes for the previous day.

To qualify for the full progressive jackpot amount, you must stake the maximum bet (£1) on any one line or more to be eligible to win. If you place a stake amount below £1 on any line you qualify for a percentage of the full progressive jackpot amount.

If five Volcano symbols line up on any enabled line, you win a percentage of the progressive jackpot amount as follows:

Amount staked on winning line

Jackpot type

Pays percentage of progressive jackpot amount













The current value of the progressive jackpot is displayed in the game. If you are lucky enough to win the progressive jackpot or a proportion thereof (and we have confirmed the win), you will be contacted to confirm the win and arrange crediting of winnings to your account.

The jackpot will be reduced by the amount you have won. The jackpot will be reset to £10,000 when the full progressive jackpot is won.

Mayan Mania Pay Table

Winnings paid out on Mayan Mania are dependent on the symbols displayed on the line, once the reels have come to a stop. 2, 3, 4 or 5 more matched symbols pay the following multiples of the stake amount (All wins pay from left to right):

mayan mania paytable

The potential payouts can be seen by clicking on the Pay Table button in the bottom right corner of the game.

Game Rules

The following game rules apply:
* You can bet up to £1 per line creating a total maximum bet of £20 per spin.
* The minimum bet is 10p.
* All wins pay from left to right for matched symbols starting from the 1st reel.
* Winnings are paid out on the highest combination on each enabled line only.
* To qualify for the full progressive jackpot amount, you must stake the maximum bet on any line (£1).
* All stakes below £1 on any line will qualify for a percentage of the full progressive jackpot amount.
* To win the progressive jackpot or a percentage thereof, you must have a winning combination of five Volcano symbols on an enabled line.
* The jackpot will not be adjusted or reset until a win is validated.
* Upon achieving a Crystal Skull symbol on the first reel on an enabled line a player will go through to the feature round where users must stop the Crystal Skull to reveal the win multiplier
* The 'Volcano' symbol is also Wild and will substitute all symbols.
* In the event of an unforeseen elimination or termination of a progressive jackpot, our policy is to return 100% of the contributions for the jackpot back to the players who have made such contributions for the lifespan of that jackpot. Details of all player stakes from the commencement of the jackpot to the termination date can be retrieved from the database.
* We reserve the right to amend these game rules at any time.

Return to Player (RTP)

The RTP for Mayan Mania is 93%.

Mayan Mania Feature Game

If a user gets a Crystal Skull symbol on the first reel on an enabled line they will activate the bonus round. Users will see a room with a number of Crystal Skulls. The centre Skull will start to move from left to right and then right to left. Users must press the stop button to stop the skull from rotating. The skull that the light lands on will reveal a win amount that users will be paid times their stake per line times the line activation multiplier. The line activation multiplier is determined by the number of lines going through the bonus symbol on the main reel.

If a player does not stop the middle skull from rotating after an allotted period of time the system will stop it automatically and the result will be displayed in the bet history.

mayan mania bonus 1

mayan mania bonus 2


  • The jackpot on this game is funded by contributions from the networked operators not game stakes. On rare occasions we may vary how this jackpot is seeded or won, any updates will be reflected in these rules immediately.
  • From time to time we may remove funds from the Jackpot in order to run promotions. Terms and Conditions relating to these promotions will be clearly displayed on our website throughout the promotional period.
  • Max Payout: £200,000
Mayan Mania