Bingo chat games are perfect for some friendly fun

Bingo is not just about winning, it’s also about making bingo-loving friends. Fortunately William Hill UK has developed a welcoming bingo community and there is no better way of interacting than by playing some of the excellent chat games on offer. The friendly community managers run each chat game and give you the chance to have fun with other players and win some great prizes. In Alphabet Chatter, you will receive a letter and a subject and need to be the first to correctly guess the answer. Play Horse Race and receive your number horse. As the game unfolds, if your horse comes in first, you just need to shout to claim your prize. Meanwhile, Karaoke Queen will stretch your music knowledge to its limits. These are just a few examples of the excellent online bingo chat games on offer at William Hill Bingo, where the game isn’t just fun, it’s a way of life!