Bingo Bowl

Features: Bingo Jackpot Special Feature Jackpot

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Bingo Bowl is a 50-ball bingo variant game, which includes an exclusive feature area displaying the exclusive Kingpin Jackpot ticket.

  • House or Bingo - all the numbers displayed on 1 ticket have been called.
  • Lucky Strike Jackpot - you are the full house winner/s and you remove all numbers from your ticket in the required ball calls.
  • Kingpin Jackpot Prize - you are the full house winner/s and your house number is also displayed and not marked off the Kingpin Ticket

For our exclusive Kingpin Jackpot there are two ways to win if your house call number appears on the Kingpin Jackpot ticket:

  1. Any Number – when the number marked off does not create House.
  2. House – when the number marked off is the last number to be marked off the Kingpin Ticket.

The state of the Kingpin Jackpot Ticket will roll over in proceeding games i.e. previously marked off numbers will remain gold until House has been won. When House has been won a new Kingpin Jackpot Ticket will be created for the next game.