This is no trap…
New and Exclusive only at William Hill Bingo. Trapdoor Bingo.

We’ve added an extra £150 cash onto these Games and the Full House winner picks its fate.

When: 19:05, 20:05, 21:05, 22:05, 23:05 & 00:05

Where: Willys Den, Willys Winners, Community Room and BOGOF Bingo.

How it works:
* Win Full House and you’ll activate the Trapdoor feature.
* Place the pot of Gold on one of the five Trapdoors.
* If the Trapdoor opens, you lose.
* BUT If it survives, you win and the community shares half.

If that’s not enough all the winnings are in CASH.

Trapdoor - Terms and Conditions

  1. All payments will be made into your William Hill Account subject (where relevant) to all necessary account opening formalities being completed.
  2. Trapdoor Bingo (the “Promotion”) will run from 18:00:00, Saturday 1st April 2017 until 00:00:01 (UK Time) Sunday 30th April 2017, (the “Promotion Period”), in Community Room, Willy’s Den, Willy’s Winners and the BOGOF Room.
  3. The Promotion applies to William Hill Bingo play only
  4. Trapdoor Bingo Game prizes will be broken down as Follows; 1 line: £15, 2 line: £25,  full house: £60 and Trapdoor Pot of Gold: £150.
  5. Trapdoor Bingo Games will play at 19:05, 20:05, 21:05, 22:05, 23:05 & 00:05 during the dates stated in clause 2, in the Community Room, Willys Den, Willys Winners, & BOGOF Room.
  6. Trapdoor Games playing in the BOGOF Room will not be Buy One Get One Free for the duration of the Promotion.
  7. Trapdoor Pot of Gold prize will be credited as cash.
  8. Players need to purchase a minimum of 6 tickets to qualify for the Trapdoor Feature Prize. If a player purchases less than 6 tickets they will see the Trapdoor game play out but will not be eligible to win the Pot of Gold prize.
  9. If the Full House winner does not select a trapdoor in time, a random trapdoor will be selected.
  10. Normal rules on split wins still apply.
  11. In the event of technical issues causing a game to fail to reach a result, the game will be declared void and all stakes will be refunded.  The game may be re-scheduled at William Hill’s discretion.
  12. View General T&C's

Trapdoor is Post Game Feature that can be scheduled in Bingo Games to reward players who have bought 6 or more tickets in a Bingo Game.
N.B. If the player purchases less than 6 tickets they will see the Trapdoor game play out but will not be eligible to win a prize.

Playing the Game
After Full House has been won, the Trapdoor feature will be triggered and will appear on screen in the bingo room for all players to see.
Trapdoor involves the Full House Winner choosing one of five trapdoors available on display to place their pot of gold on. The pot of gold represents the prize money. After a 3 second countdown, a random selection of four out of the five trapdoors will open. If the pot of gold falls through the selected trapdoor, this means that the Trapdoor prize has not be won. If the pot of gold is saved by the trapdoor, this means that the Trapdoor prize has been won.

Game Prizes/Jackpots
Winners will have a 1 in 5 chance of winning the Trapdoor Prize!
The prize amount will be shared between the eligible House Winners and the Community with a 50/50 split based on players stake amount.
If there are multiple House Winners, the house winners’ share of the Trapdoor prize will be split amongst all eligible winners based on stake amount.
Prizes will be paid in either Cash or Bingo Bonus depending on the game you are playing.
The total prize paid out may not match the advertised prize, depending on calculations used to split the prize between all eligible tickets.

To be eligible for the Trapdoor feature prize, players must have purchased at a minimum of 6 tickets in the associated bingo game.

In the case of any malfunction, all bets and winnings are null and void

Unresolved bets
Unresolved bets placed but remaining undecided in incomplete games will become void after 90 days and will be forfeited to charity.

Game Version 17.1.0, 21/02/2017